About me

My obsession with art has been a driving force behind almost everything I’ve done since I was three years old. Most of my work’s meaning is deliberately ambiguous even when it is figurative. I find other people’s interpretation of the images very interesting as they will see things that I take for granted or didn’t initially intend.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Rhodes University in South Africa before I moved to Australia in 1998 to join my husband who was living here. Cross-cultural references can be found in most of my ink drawings as well as some of my other work and are influenced by my growing up in Africa and present experiences of Australian life.

Since I moved to Australia I have taught several acrylic painting and drawing classes. I’ve exhibited in various group exhibitions and also held some solo shows. Between exhibitions I’ve worked as a graphic designer and illustrator and find that my Fine Art training has a unique influence on the work I do in the commercial world.

I have provided samples of both my personal artwork and commercial endeavours in low resolution images, so if you have any queries or wish to view a higher resolution version please feel free to contact me via the Contact page...

Phone: 0402050991
Address: 9 Guyong St, Lindfield NSW, 2070